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Interesting facts about week #7 POST 019

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Interesting facts about week #7 POST 019

Anthony VaVerdi's Tigers continue to score points unfortunately they give up more than they score.  The Tigers’ opponents are averaging more than 99 points a game.  It’s hard to win games in this league when you let your opponent score 99 points every week.

This week’s team to watch has to be Comin 4 you.  Coach Angela Lentine’s team set a league record this week by putting 163 on the board.  Her team is now averaging over 101 points a game.  That’s second only to Coach Gregory Lentine’s 106 points a game average.  Comin 4 You’s record isn’t that impressive because they’ve given up a lot of points just like Anthony LaVerdi’s Tigers.  If Comin 4 You can slow down their opponents they’re going to win a lot more games.  They’re giving up over 95 points a game and that’s making it hard for them to win week in and week out.  I have no doubt that they will improve as the season progresses and they get to play some games in the weaker divisions. So keep your eye on them.  They’re going to be making a move real soon.

Again this week, the league standings tightened up a bit The NC Cowboys are no longer undefeated and the Outlaws lost for the second week in a row.  Even Fire In The Hole! Lost this week.  So Brent Poling’s team the Ladson Legends are now only a game out of first place in the Western Division.  They’ve doubled their wins over the last two weeks.  Going from 2-3 to 4-3.

Eli Manning scored 30 points this week to carry the Victor Vikings to victory over the Kearneysville Killers 98-93.   A lot of people gave up on the Vikings and went home early thinking their team was going to lose again only to find out later that Eli Manning had the game of his life in the last quarter of the game.  Throwing for over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns.  Next week they play the Outlaws.  Two teams headed in opposite directions.  The question being can Eli Manning do it again against the powerful Outlaw team.

Again the real surprise this week was another win by The Believers.  They beat Fire In The Hole! 86-80 without a running back.  Coach Chuck said after the game, we knew we needed a miracle from GOD.  Our team was really beat up and our running backs needed a week off to rest up and get healthy for next week’s game against the Tony Tigers.  So we gave our backs the week off and made the Outlaws try and stop our passing attack.  No one thought we could win without a running back but you see the bible is right again.  With GOD all things are possible.  We couldn’t have won without GOD’S help.  We have to give GOD all the credit for this win and for the success we‘re enjoying this season.  Our prayer is that HE continues to BLESS our team all the way to a Super Bowl victory.


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Week #6 Stats POST #018

Interesting facts about week #6 POST 018

Well last week we told you Anthony VaVerdi's Tigers are a team to watch down the road.  Well, this week they proved us right when they scored the most point in the league.  The Tigers are averaging 94 points a game. That's the 3rd highest average in the league.  So their 2-4 record could easily be 4-2 because in week #3 they lost to Dorothy Demons 81-80 and their other games were really close.

The league standings tightened up a bit this week with both the Kmart Karusaders and the Outlaws losing big games.  However, the NC Cowboys continue to go unbeaten.  You have to give them credit, they are averaging over 107 points a game.  However, this week they only managed 99 points but that was good enough to win again.  Actually, a lot of teams had an off week this week.  Only the Ladson Legends and Tony Tigers scored more points than the NC Cowboys this week.   

The real surprise this week was last minute field goals that The Believers scored on Monday night to steal a win from Dorothy Demons (86-82).  The Believers are going to be needing an even bigger miracle this week when they play Fire In The Hole!   The Believers only have one player on their bench this week.  Their regular QB, both their RBs and their TE are all having a bye week.  It should be interesting to see what kind of tricks Coach Chuck uses this week in an attempt to win that tough game.  Both teams have 4-2 records and they're fighting for the wild card playoff position.    If the Outlaws win and the Kmart Karusaders lose, the Outlaws can move into sole possession of first place in the Central Division.  If only Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Jahvid Best and Dallas Clark weren't all taking a bye week at the same time. 



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Week #5 Stats Post #017

Interesting facts about week #5 POST 017

Well last week we told you that NC COWBOYS were catching TONY TIGERS on a good week.  Tom Brady and Rashard Mendenhall's were both taking a week off. Well dispite that fact the TONY TIGERS were one of the top scoring teams.  Yeah, the NC COWBOYS might have beat them but I got a feeling Anthony VaVerdi's Tigers are going to start becoming a team to watch down the road.

The league still has one undefeated team (NC COWBOYS) and three other teams with records of 4-1.  Unfortunately, we have four teams with a 1-4 record and four other teams with 3-2 and/or 2-3 records.  Hopefully, there will be a few upsets this coming week so we can tighten up this league. Check out the stats for yourself by using the link below.  CBS SPORTS doesn't seem to like the idea of using pictures on their BLOG site.  They let me provide a link to it but they don't like me putting the data (image) in my BLOG entry.



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Week #4 Stats Post #016

Interesting facts about week #4

This week a husband and wife team (Mary & David Lentine) had the exact same scores (76 points).  Unfortunately, David wasn't as lucky as Mary.  She won her game but he lost his.  

Aaron Pauley had a great game this week (110 points).  Unfortunately, he was playing Brent Poling and he had an outstanding game (132 points).   

Can you believe it?  Four (4) weeks into the season and we only one (1) undefeated team. Last year's defending champs are 4-0.  That's right, those hated NC COWBOYS are the team to beat again this year, just like those powerful NY YANKEES in baseball.  Anyway, in week #5 the NC COWBOYS play TONY TIGERS and as luck would have it, it's Tom Brady and Rashard Mendenhall's bye week.  So things don't look to good for Anthony VaVerdi's Tigers.  


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Lost Player Report - Week 3 Post #015

Since the middle of September, THE BELIEVERS haven’t been signing the players we've needed.  In the case of Michael Williams, management took to long to decide if they needed him, thus allowing Tony Tigers to pick him up.  The last three mistakes were caused by delays in signing.  Moe, Larry and Curly took several days to offer those players a contract.  By the time they got around to making the offers, they had been told to make, the player had already been signed by another team.  We can’t allow this to keep happening.  We got to go out and hire new signing agents.  ASAP.

It is the team recommendation that Moe, Larry and Curly be fired. 


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Week #3 Stats Post #014

There were a lot of really close games this past weekend and a couple of upsets.  Again it isn't how many points you scored but who you were playing.  It is hard to believe that THE BELIEVERS could lose with 112 points but even harder to believe that Kearneysville Killers could lose after scoring 113 points.  Yet Fire in the hole! could win with only 86 points.  Goes to show you anything is possible in the LFL.  

One more thing before I show you this week's stats. I'm glad I already played the Kearneysville Killers.  I'm really impressed with the new owner and the changes he's made.  Their team has become one of the best teams in the league. 



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Jason's Translated Russian Message Post #013

Jason's Translated Russian Message



I asked Moe, Larry and Curly to translate those numbers (the e-mail message) into Russian and then convert the Russian to English.  Here's what they came up with:


Ubivalki Vladamirs of Kearneysville, Pauley in the old team Vladamir is a new owner Ubivalki of Kearneysville. This team is glad to get rid of their terrible owner Jason Pauley. It was worse. Michael Vick has a chance of winning national team and is their new full-time for beginners. Go Ubivalki 

Well, what do you expect from Moe, Larry and Curly.  We got the just of the message.


For the record, my team captains are taking Russia language lessons now.  If Jason's team starts calling signals in Russian my guys are  going to know what's going on.  A couple of my coaches are even taking Russian language lessons in case they get the chance to overhear any coach's communications during the game.


Coach Chuck



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Have you seen the new LFL TV ads?  Man she is really HOT.  I mean THE BELIEVERS are really HOT and Coach Chuck is the man.  You got to watch them this weekend and every weekend.  She does (see the picture below).  Why don't you?



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